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  The Women of Farmer Jane
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The following women are featured in Farmer Jane: Women Changing the Way We Eat and have made significant contributions to the sustainable food and farming movement across the U.S. 

Leigh Adcock
  Erika Allen   Suzanne Ashworth
Leigh Adcock
The Executive Director of the Women Food and Agriculture Network, a national network of women food producers, Leigh contributed a poignant piece about the organization.

Executive Director
Women, Food and Agriculture Network
PO Box 611
Ames, IA  50010
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  Erika Allen
Profiled for her food security activism and jobs training program in Chicago, Erika is working to increase the sustainability of Chicago through her artistic vision of a city that produces for its food and energy needs.

Chicago Projects Manager
Growing Power Chicago
2215 W. North Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647
  Suzanne Ashworth
As an expert at seed saving, heirloom varietals, and direct marketing, Suzanne is an author and seed saver extraordinaire in the Sacramento Valley of California on the farm she grew up on. 

Del Rio Botanical
(Peabody Ranch)
20030 Old River Road
West Sacramento, CA 95691
Zoë Bradbury   Jo Ann Baumgartner
  Renata Brillinger
Zoë Bradbury
A writer by night and farmer by day, Zoë is rebirthing local food for her rural community with her mom and sister on Valley Flora Farm.

Blog: Diary of a Young Farmer,
  Jo Ann Baumgartner
A tireless advocate for sustainable food and farming, Jo Ann focuses on education and policy to increase biological diversity on farms. 

Executive Director
Wild Farm Alliance
  Renata Brillinger
Contributed a piece about climate change and sustainable agriculture and has been an advocate for a more sustainable food system for several decades starting with her early work on GMOs.

Executive Director
California Climate & Agriculture Network
Novella Carpenter
Photo: Samin Nosrat
  Jesse Cool   Florence Jones (left) and Claire Hope Cummings (right)
Florence Jones and Claire (on right)
Novella Carpenter
Hands on and effective, Novella has made urban farming a possibility in her Oakland neighborhood. She’s an amazing journalist and a real character as her memoir, Farm City, elucidates.
  Jesse Cool
Author, chef and restaurateur, Cool has been a leader in local food before it gained such prominence on restaurant menus. She runs a successful food businesses in Menlo Park and launched a healthy, made-from-scratch food program with Stanford.

Flea St. Cafe
Cool Cafe, Stanford
Cool Cafe, Menlo Business Park
  Claire Hope Cummings
Claire's passion started several policy and land-use initiatives in addition to farming herself. She hosted a radioshow about food and agriculture on KPFA for a decade and is the author of Uncertain Peril.
Gloria Decater
Photo: John Schaeffer
  Lois Ellen Frank
  Lisa Kivirist
Photo: John Ivanko
Gloria Decater
Gloria and her husband are feeding more people than thought possible on their 40-acre, biodynamic farm. Their “whole system” thinking is regenerative to the soil and animals that are part of the farm ecosystem in addition to the benefactors of their food.

Live Power Community Farm
Covelo, CA 95428
  Lois Ellen Frank
Advocate, chef, anthropologist and native foods historian, Lois brings flavors to life through her artistic and intellectual endeavors.

  Lisa Kivirist
Entrepreneur and farmer extraordinaire, Lisa raises the visibility of women’s efforts in the food movement and encourages us all that sustainability can be financially viable.

Inn Serendipity
7843 County Road P
Browntown, WI 53522
Jessica Greenblatt Seeley
Photo: Jackie Schlitzer
  Elizabeth Henderson
  Glenda Humiston, Ph.D.
Jessica Greenblatt Seeley
A city girl turned farmer, “Jess” runs the national Buy Fresh Buy Local network and works part-time on her husband’s family farm in Pennsylvania.

FoodRoutes Network & Milky Way Farms
RR #1 Box 25
Troy, PA 16947
  Elizabeth Henderson
A pioneer of community supported agriculture, Elizabeth co-authored THE must-have manual to starting and running a CSA. She currently farms in New York.

Peacework Farm
2218 Welcher Road
Newark, NY 14513
  Glenda Humiston
Glenda has created innovative, community-building approaches to policy and land management throughout her career and is now the State Director of California Rural Development Agency of the United States Department of Agriculture.

California Rural Development
U.S. Department of Agriculture
430 G Street, Agency 4169
Davis, CA 95616
Marion Kalb
Photo: Anton Friis
  Deborah Koons Garcia
  Anna Blythe Lappé
Photo: Andrew Lipman
Marion Kalb
From working to improve farmers’ living wages to working with school districts to incorporate more local foods, Marion has been working on food system transformation for the last few decades.

Community Food Security Coalition
P.O. Box 4877
Santa Fe, NM 87502
  Deborah Koons Garcia
Fiercely dedicated to sustainability, Deborah made the film The Future of Food, the first documentary to expose the seed and chemical companies for what they are. She continues to leverage media to create change in our food system and give us hope in the resiliency of the Earth.

Lily Films
P.O. Box 895
Mill Valley, CA 94942
  Anna Blythe Lappé
Anna is author of Eat the Sky, and co-author of Grub. She co-directs the Small Planet Institute with her mother, Frances Moore Lappé. She is a next-generation leader that is utilizing her journalism skills to effect change.

Small Planet Institute
Deborah Madison
Photo: Doug Merriam
  Traci Miller
Photo: Liliane Calfee Miller
  Bernadette Zambrano and Melissa (on right)
Bernadette Zambrano and Melissa (on right) Photo: Colin Farish
Deborah Madison
Started her food career at Green Gulch in Marin, Deborah has published numerous books on food and cooking. Today Deborah is a leader in the sustainable foods movement and has her finger on the pulse of “what’s next” in food.
  Traci Miller
Leaving her career as a pharmacist to re-visit her food past with her brother, Traci has found how rewarding it is to work with passion and support your community. L’Etoile serves a minimum of 75% locally grown foods in Madison, Wisconsin – even in wintertime.

L’Etoile Restaurant and Café Soleil
25 North Pinckney Street
Madison, WI 53703
  Melissa Nelson
Melissa leads the Cultural Conservancy and protects and restores native cultures and lands. In addition to her strong advocacy in the national Native foods movement, Melissa is a professor at San Francisco State University.

The Cultural Conservancy
P.O. Box 29044
San Francisco, CA 94129
Denise O'Brien
Photo: Bart Nagel
  Emily Oakley
Photo: Amy Marcoux
  Jessica Prentice
Photo: Anja Weber
Denise O'Brien
A force to be reckoned with, Denise has been advocating for women and sustainable agriculture on both a national and international scale for decades. She co-founded the Women Food and Agriculture Network (WFAN) and continues to be a mentor in the sustainable food and farming movement.

Rolling Acres Farm
59624 Chicago Rd.
Atlantic, Ia  50022
  Emily Oakley
A new generation farmer that knows where her priorities are, Emily has found that she can work smarter, not harder, even in Oklahoma as the only full-time, organic, diversified farm.

Three Springs Farm
1367 Highway 82A    
Oaks, OK 74359         
  Jessica Prentice
The creator of the term “locavore,” Jessica has started many other things such as Three-Stone Hearth, one of the first community supported kitchens in the country, which she runs with her partners.

Three Stone Hearth
Dru Rivers
Photo: Temra Costa
  Willow Rosenthal
Photo: Julia Plasencia
  Olivia Sargeant
Dru Rivers
Dru started one of California’s most famous farms with her husband and continues to have fun selling local foods with their two partners throughout the Bay Area.

Full Belly Farm
  Willow Rosenthal
Willow found food justice in a vacant lot of Oakland and continues to empower people to take their food future into their own hands.
  Olivia Sargeant
Writer, photographer, and chef, Olivia combines her agricultural, culinary, and artistic passions to run Farm 255 with her business partners in Athens, Georgia. In addition to photography, she has also contributed a piece about Farm 255 for the book.

Farm 255
255 W. Washington Street
Athens, Georgia
Mily Treviño-Sauceda
Photo: Misha Erwitt
  Severine von Tscharner Fleming
  Nancy Vail
Photo: Jered Lawson
Mily Treviño-Sauceda
A leader for women farm workers and their families, Mily's activism began with the United Farm Workers movement and continues today with Lideres Campesinas.

Organización en CA de Líderes Campesinas, Inc.
761 S. C St.
Oxnard, CA 93030
  Severine von Tscharner Fleming
Young, green and educated, Severine’s success of working to unite next-generation farmers has turned into a movement, a manual, and a documentary.
  Nancy Vail
Nancy has found her niche in farming and educating young people about their connection to food in farming at Pie Ranch.

Pie Ranch
Pescadero, CA
Judy Wicks
  Aimee Witteman
Judy Wicks
Entrepreneur, carpenter, and idealist, Judy has shown the entire country that businesses can incorporate sustainability into all of their practices and grow their business. She started the Whitedog Café in Philadelphia and went on to co-found the Business Alliance with Local Living Economies.

White Dog Cafe 
3420 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
  Aimee Witteman
Contributed a brilliant piece to the book about the Farm Bill and activism and is the Program Officer for The McKnight Foundation.

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